The Ride – A Christmas Eve Parable

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4.76/5 (5)


TAFF 2013 Best Film
TAFF 2013 Best Director (Dallas Jenkins)
TAFF 2013 Best Actor (Kirk Woller)
TAFF 2013 Best Short (Over 15 minutes)

Synopsis: It’s Christmas Eve in the suburbs of Chicago and a bored, disengaged taxi driver reluctantly accepts one more pickup. He soon realizes his passenger is troubled and prolongs the ride in an uncharacteristic attempt to connect and help. As the night progresses, grace invades the hearts of both the comfortable and the desolate.

Directed by Dallas Jenkins (What if…) and winner of the TAFF 2013 Best Film Award, The Ride has already brought church audiences to their feet and impacted thousands.

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Director: Dallas Jenkins

Producers: James MacDonald (Exec Prod), Luke MacDonald, Pete McDonough, Dallas Jenkins

Actors: Kirk Woller, Cab Driver,  Brad Heller, Passenger

Story By: Mark Freiburger, Nathan Scoggins

About Dallas Jenkins, Director – Mr. Jenkins produced the independent feature Hometown Legend at the age of 25 and shepherded it to distribution by Warner Brothers. He made his directing debut with the short film Cliché.

Mr. Jenkins is the co-executive producer of Though None Go With Me, a Hallmark Channel feature that aired in April 2006. In 2007 he directed and produced Midnight Clear, based on the short, which won awards in festivals all over the country, including the Cinequest Film Festival’s Special Jury Prize for “Best First Feature,” and the “Audience Favorite” award at the Kansas Int’l Film Festival. It’s currently available on DVD from Lionsgate.

Mr Jenkins’ latest feature What If…, starring Kevin Sorbo, Kristy Swanson, Debby Ryan, and John Ratzenberger released in theaters in 2010 and is currently available on DVD.

Mr. Jenkins recently accepted the position of Director of Media at Harvest Bible Chapel, a mega-church in Chicago. His short film at Harvest, The Ride, recently won Best Film, Best Short, and Best Director awards at The Attic Film Festival in Austin, TX.

Film Trivia

1. The driving scenes in The Ride were shot in one night in the Chicago suburbs in sub-zero temperature. While the director was warm and cozy in the car with the actors, the two cameramen were perched outside on the trailer that was pulling the car through the streets for a couple hours at a time. You can imagine what going through wind at 35 mph in that weather felt like.

2. The Ride got the attention of A-list Hollywood producers Jason Blum and Scott Derrickson, who are now producing the next full-length feature film from Dallas Jenkins and Harvest Bible Chapel.

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